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Friday, 25 March 2011 18:25

Josh Feldstein

Josh Feldstein leverages more than 25 years of pharmaceutical and medical experience working with US and global Fortune 500 multinational, middle-market, and early-phase companies. He has designed and managed hundreds of initiatives in medical marketing and corporate communications, medical education, health economics, and scientific publishing in more than 30 therapeutic categories for US and global clients ranging from Fortune 100 to early-stage companies.

Mr. Feldstein works closely with clients to provide strategic and tactical counsel on business model development, medical marketing and communications, and health economic program design. He also develops content for, and manages, professional medical education and research activities, working with both clinical and academic healthcare faculty. As a health economist, Josh has coordinated qualitative and quantitative research, has contributed to the design of proprietary value analysis models for the industry, and has edited and authored health economic journal manuscripts for pharmaceutical and medical-surgical industry clients. Mr. Feldstein has published white papers and numerous articles in leading industry media. He regularly serves as a medical moderator for health economic research activities and physician advisory boards, combining medicine, marketing, communications, and strategic business objectives in his program design.

Previously, Mr. Feldstein worked for the Healthcare Division of Burson- Marsteller and Gross Townsend Frank Hoffman in New York City. Mr. Feldstein has a BA in English, cum laude, from Queens College, City University of New York, and is enrolled in a MA/PhD sequence at American Century University in the field of Psychology with a concentration in Psychoneuroimmunology.

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Friday, 25 March 2011 16:17


Constellar Group provides healthcare clients with a strategic approach for overcoming the linguistic and cultural barriers that cost considerable money in wasted time and resources, lost business and customer dissatisfaction.

Today, hospitals are looking for innovative ways to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. Increasing sensitivity to language and culture is an effective way to improve both while not adding significantly to costs. A system-wide program that integrates the linguistic and cultural differences of patient populations can increase the value of healthcare while reducing costs and economic inefficiencies. The result is a large return on investment for healthcare providers that address linguistic and cultural gaps in their systems.

Assessing the impact of language and culture on patient outcomes requires addressing a wide range of issues, including access to care, compliance, surgical decision-making, follow-up, family support, long-term care and end-of-life decision-making. Constellar Group's research and background in the fields of language acquisition and cultural sensitivity in healthcare enable us to help organizations identify, quantify, and subsequently close, the gap between their current operations and their goals.